Monday, April 15, 2024

Airbag jeans invented to keep motorcyclists safe in road accidents

A manufacturer of safety devices has invented jeans fitted with airbags to stop injury to motorcyclists in road accidents.

Moses Shahrivar, who since partnering with Harley-Davidson Sweden 16 years ago has been designing motorcycle safety jeans, said his new innovation uses similar technology to airbag-equipped vests currently on the market to shield the chest, back and neck of the rider in a crash.

The jeans that Shahrivar showed in a YouTube video posted on his Mo’Cycle brand’s official account are tied to the motorcycle of the rider, and when the tether is removed, airbags deploy up and down the legs of the wearer to cushion an impact.

There is currently only one prototype of the Airbag Inside Sweden AB jeans, but Shahrivar is in the process of having the jeans approved according to the health and safety requirements of the European Union and hopes to put them on the market in 2022.

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