Friday, May 24, 2024

Pothole Fixer, An App to Report Broken Roads in KPK

The KP Department of Planning and Development (PDD) is working on a mobile application to report broken roads in the province to the public.

Named ‘Pothole Fixer’, the application is being developed at the PDD by the GIS Cell and will soon be launched as a pilot project in Peshawar.

When launched, users will be able to upload real-time pictures of potholes. All photos will be exchanged automatically with related departments, including Communication and Works, the KP Highway Authority and the National Highway Repair Authority.

According to the information, the application is based on the current GIS framework of PDD and will be linked on the basis of users’ real-time co-ordinates.

Recently, Shakeel Qadir Khan, KP Additional Chief Secretary also chaired a meeting to review progress on the Pothole Fixer. During the meeting, the Additional Chief Secretary was briefed by Secretary PDD, Chief Economist PDD and senior GIS Cell officials.

The meeting was explained by GIS officials that GIS cells had been established in 35 districts in the province. These cells have also, since 2017-18, mapped a total of 35,817 locations against 8,230 Annual Development Program schemes.

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