Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Airblue to Establish Pakistan’s Largest Flight Training Center in Islamabad

Airblue has announced ambitious plans to create Pakistan’s largest Flight Crew Training Center in Islamabad. This new facility will feature state-of-the-art Full Flight Simulators (FFS) and Cabin Crew Trainer Devices, marking a significant investment in both human resources and technology to stimulate the airline’s growth.

Hiring and Training Initiatives

Airblue aims to hire and train over 200 pilots and 500 cabin crew members at this new training center. The facility will have the capacity to provide training for more than 500 pilots and 800 cabin crew members each year. This initiative will not only enhance the airline’s operational capabilities but also create over 200 new jobs to support the training center.

State-of-the-Art Training Facility

The new Flight Training Center will be housed in a bespoke campus covering over 60,000 square feet. It will include Full Flight Simulator trainers, Cabin Emergency Evacuation Trainers (CEET), Door and Services Trainers, and fully equipped classrooms and briefing rooms. These advanced facilities will ensure that Airblue’s training programs meet the highest industry standards.

Commitment to Excellence

Sadia Mohammad, Deputy Managing Director of Airblue, emphasized the importance of this project: “Our growth in the coming years depends upon our commitment to developing and providing world-class training to our pilot and cabin crew colleagues while maintaining the highest industry training standards.”

About Airblue

Based in Islamabad, Airblue is Pakistan’s largest private airline. The airline operates a fleet of the world’s most advanced A320 Family aircraft, including the latest NEO models, which incorporate cutting-edge technologies and new generation engines. Airblue’s network includes flights to the UAE and Saudi Arabia, in addition to its extensive domestic routes.

For those interested in joining the Airblue team, more information is available at Airblue Careers. Additional details about the airline can be found at Airblue.

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