Saturday, June 15, 2024

Fake PIA Pilot Arrested at Lahore Airport

The Airport Security Force (ASF) arrested a man named Ahmed at Lahore’s Allama Iqbal International Airport for pretending to be a PIA pilot. Ahmed was caught trying to enter the international departure lounge using a fake PIA pilot ID card. After his arrest, he was handed over to the Airport Police for further legal proceedings, and a case has been registered against him.

This incident highlights ongoing issues within Pakistan’s aviation sector, especially in the aftermath of the 2020 pilots’ license scandal. This scandal exposed that numerous pilots were flying with fraudulent licenses, leading to a European ban on Pakistani airlines. As a result, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has been rigorously investigating a network suspected of issuing fake licenses.

The CAA has been conducting raids to uncover and dismantle this network. Some CAA officials and pilots have already been arrested and are under investigation for allegedly accepting bribes to let substitutes take pilot license exams on behalf of others. FIRs (First Information Reports) are being filed against those found to be involved in this fraudulent activity.

The CAA’s efforts are part of a broader crackdown to restore integrity and safety in Pakistan’s aviation industry. The authorities aim to ensure that only qualified and genuinely licensed pilots are allowed to operate flights, thereby enhancing the safety and reputation of Pakistani airlines globally.

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