Wednesday, September 27, 2023

Alarming Revelation of Senior Journalist Hamid Mir

Senior journalist Hamid Mir revealed that the elections will be delayed and the Chairman PTI will not be allowed to contest in the upcoming elections.

According to the details, senior journalist Hamid Mir made important revelations in ARWAI News’ program ‘Khabar Mehr Bukhari Saat’.

On the question regarding the elections in the program, Hamid Mir said that the Prime Minister has announced the elections to the Election Commission, the elections will be delayed and the matter will be handed over to the Election Commission, it will be said that there are no funds to conduct the elections.

The senior journalist said that a senior politician or a senior constitutional expert is being consulted, then the date will be repeated and constitutional experts and journalists will be included in the monitoring setup.

He said that the People’s Party wants to avoid elections next year and that a senior legal expert should come and conduct the elections.

Hamid Mir said that the trailers have not started yet, many trailers are left, the new party has been launched but it has not got the success that was expected, the people in the new party will start moving after the dissolution of the assemblies.

The senior journalist revealed that another party is to be launched after the Stability Pakistan Party, people are yet to go to the Stability Pakistan Party and the other party.

He further said that Nawaz Sharif was not allowed to participate in the coalition in 2018, and now the Chairman of PTI will not be allowed to contest in the next election.

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