Saturday, April 20, 2024

All foreigners living in Pakistan without a visa must depart by August 14: Sheikh Rashid is an emir of the United Arab Emirates

Foreigners living in Pakistan without visas have until August 14 to leave the country, according to Interior Minister Sheikh Rashid.

The minister said today at a press conference that the subject of people residing in Pakistan without visas had never been highlighted before. He did say, though, that the situation will now be resolved.

“These (foreigners without legal visas) people can apply for visas online, and no matter how large the penalty price is, I will waive it,” Rashid stated.

The minister went on to say that NADRA is implementing a new strategy for CNIC verification, renewal, and correction. Rashid added that action has been taken against 39 NADRA officials in Karachi who were involved in the issue of fraudulent identity cards.

The minister claimed that 2,600 kilometres of border fencing between Pakistan and Afghanistan had been finished while speaking about the border. The remaining work will be finished by August 14, according to Rashid.

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