Tuesday, March 5, 2024

All Utility Stores to Get a Central IT System in 6 Months

By June 2021, the Utility Stores Company (USC) has agreed to incorporate a central IT structure for all of its headquarters, warehouses, and retail outlets. The goal of this move is to minimize the difficulties that Pakistan’s cash-and-carry and other megastores face while preserving reliable inventory data logs.

The USC has prepared a report to be submitted to the Ministry of Industries and Development (MoIP). The study discusses how automation can assist in recognizing patterns in products and locations that tops the list. This will allow stocks to be transferred with precision and higher levels of sales to be achieved.

The requisite information technology (IT) infrastructure and a state-of-the-art data center have already been set up by USC with Private Cloud at its headquarters.

The USC faces competition from private cash-and-carry shops across Pakistan due to loopholes in its purchase delivery and sales management.

The management of the state-owned retail company built an integrated data center for Rs. 5 million, and this month will employ a consultant to connect and automate the 4,881 retail stores and 124 warehouses.

By June 2021, it is planned that all the USC business processes will be automated.

The USC Managing Director, Umer Lodhi, explained in responding to a query, “The entire inventory will be controllable and the USC will be able to predict the number of products required, thereby avoiding both product shortages and over-stocking.”

He added that once the whole system is integrated, the data from warehouses and retail outlets will be synchronized into a centralized data center that will provide a mixed view of the output of the corporation.

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