Monday, April 15, 2024

Google launches Look to Speak app to help speech impaired people communicate

To help people with speech and motor impairments communicate, Google has released a new app. In order to promote easier communication for people with speech disorders, the software allows users to pick phrases at a glance, which the phone plays out loud. This Tuesday, Google rolled out Look to Speak and it will be available for all Android devices that run Android 9.0 and up.

With the support of speech and language therapist Richard Cave, the app was created particularly for individuals who find it hard to talk, as well as using fine motor skills to choose what they want to say using traditional apps. The app uses machine learning with a smartphone camera to track the eye movement of the users and pick the word that needs to be spoken out loud.

Experiments with Google, the tech giant’s experimental projects arm, built Look to Speak. Look to Speak is part of the initiative Start with One, invent for many Program, which is a series of experiments that began by collaborating with one person to make something impactful for them and their group. Sarah Ezekial, an artist diagnosed with motor neuron disease, worked on this particular project and sought help her to communicate more effectively through eye-gaze communication technology.

Instead of concentrating on the information, the main aim of the app is to express the bigger picture. The fact that the software uses nothing more than a smartphone to run allows it to be incredibly portable and go everywhere a smartphone can, although there are stronger, more reliable tools out there. Adjustable sensitivity settings are available in the app, allowing users to change their features to their liking. Besides this, to have a more enjoyable experience, users can customize terms and phrases.

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