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Boat Passengers: A heart-wrenching story of a young man who lives at Dal and drinks seawater

Habib-ur-Rehman of Khoi Ratta had left for a trip from Karachi 3 months ago, his family had given 22 lakh rupees to Talat, agent of Azad Kashmir, and Talat Waraich, agent of Mandi Bahauddin.

What happened to the passengers of the boat that sank off the Greek coast? In this regard, Habibur Rehman, a young man from Khoi Ratta Tehsil of Azad Kashmir’s Kotli district, told a heartwarming story.

Habibur Rehman said that more than 350 people, including women, children, and the elderly, were on board the sinking boat, only dal was given for food in the boat and when the water ran out, they spent several days drinking seawater.

Young man is struggling to stay on sea surface

DNA Has Been Taken From The Families Of The Missing Persons

The Prime Minister of Pakistan is angry over not stopping the actions in time and seeks a report on the progress of the investigation

The names of the Pakistanis who survived the Yunan boat tragedy came out

In the Yunnan boat accident case. 

The Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) has obtained DNA samples from the families of the missing people.

According to the sources, FIA has provided the DNA samples of the families of 98 people of affected families to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

What did Azmat’s brother say survived the incident?

Azmat of Gujarat is among the 12 lucky Pakistanis who survived the Yunnan boat accident.

According to Geonews, Azmat left for Europe after selling his property and cattle.

Azmat’s brother says that the matter was settled with the agent for 24 lakhs and Azmat left home on March 30 and the agent received 12 lakhs on reaching Libya.

Azmat’s brother said that people were kept hungry for many days, and food and water were given only when we provide more payment before reaching Italy.

He also adds “The agent lied that Azmat had reached Italy, and brought the rest of the money.”

Azmat’s brother said that when he came to know about the accident, he went to the agent’s house and he was not there.

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