Monday, September 25, 2023

Android 14 to Bring Satellite SMS to All Phones

Last year, Google released the Android 13 operating system, and now they are preparing to introduce the next version called Android 14 later this year. Although Android 14 is still in the testing phase, some expected features and improvements have been revealed on the Internet. One exciting feature is that Android 14 will support satellite connectivity for smartphones. This means users will be able to send emergency message alerts even in places where there is no cellular or WiFi coverage. Apple introduced a similar feature with the iPhone 14 series last year.

According to a tweet from TeamPixel (@GooglePixelFC) on Twitter, Android 14 will bring satellite connectivity support for SMS and other features to smartphones that have the required hardware. It’s likely that Google Pixel and Samsung Galaxy users will be the first to access this feature. However, for other Android phones to use satellite-based communication, they need to have the necessary hardware installed by the manufacturer.

When this feature is available, it will be a great help for smartphone users in remote areas where there is no cellular network or WiFi. They will be able to send SMS messages through satellite connectivity, ensuring they can still communicate in emergencies.

Apple’s emergency SOS via satellite feature was launched with the iPhone 14 series, but it was initially only available in the US and Canada. Later on, it was expanded to more countries, including the UK, France, Germany, Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Italy, Luxembourg, Netherlands, and Portugal. This feature not only allows users to contact emergency services but also lets them share their location with friends and family using the Find My app.

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