Wednesday, July 24, 2024

I am Safe in Pakistan, Says An Indian Woman Who Travelled to Marry a Pakistani Boy

A married woman from India recently went to Pakistan and made a video expressing how safe she feels in the country. Her name is Anju, and she is 34 years old, with two children. She got married to Nasrullah, whom she met online. They had a court wedding in Upper Dir, Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, which was confirmed by an official. Pictures of them visiting different places together were shared online, but it’s uncertain if they are genuine.

In the video, Anju said that she planned her trip to Pakistan carefully and came here legally. It wasn’t a sudden decision, and she feels safe in the country. Anju has a one-month visa to stay in Pakistan, and there were rumors about their marriage. However, Nasrullah denied any plans of staying in Pakistan permanently and said that Anju will return to India once her visa expires. Anju’s husband back in India was not aware of her travel plans.

This incident is similar to the story of Seema Haider from Pakistan and Sachin Meena from India, who also crossed borders for love and faced legal issues before being granted bail.

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