Saturday, April 20, 2024

Android Apps Are Sending Student Data to High-Risk Third Parties 8 Times More than iOS

According to a new study conducted by Me2B Alliance, Android phones share significantly more data with third parties than iPhones.

A random sample of 78 mobile apps from 38 schools was used in this report. It covers approximately half a million people who use these applications, including students, families, and educators. Nearly 60% of these school apps were discovered to be exchanging student data with a number of third parties. The majority of this data was going to ad networks like Google and Facebook.

Only 26% of iOS apps shared data with high-risk third parties, compared to 91 percent of Android apps. In comparison to 2.6 percent of iOS apps, 20% of Android apps sent data to very high-risk third parties.

This explains why most ad agencies are so against to iOS. iOS has always been more secure than Android, but the most recent update, iOS 14.x, now allows developers to ask users for permission before sharing any of their data.

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