Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Any Unwanted Tweets, Emails, & Comments Will Now be Considered as Harassment under the New Amendments

Amendments to the Protection against Harassment of Women at Work Act 2010 were unanimously passed by the National Assembly.

The adjustments were made to Section 2 of the Act’s sub-sections e, f, and h, as per the details. The definition of harassment has been broadened as a result of these modifications. The renewed definition of harassment is the one who can file a complaint; it can either be an employee or an employer.

Furthermore, an individual employed through an agent is now considered an employee under the act. A coworker is likewise defined as an employer under the act.

As far as the sexual harassment is concerned after the amendment, it will be defined as:

“Any unsolicited and unwelcome sexual advances, sexual favour requests, or other sexually related verbal or written communication or physical activity.”

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