Sunday, May 19, 2024

Apple and Google join 6G alliance to avoid repeat of China’s 5G domination

The newest members of an industry group working on 6G technologies have been Apple and Google. Other tech industry giants such as LG, Samsung, Facebook, and Cisco are included in the party called the “Next G Alliance”. The group’s objective is to improve 6G technology in North America and to create 5G leadership.

After its establishment on Monday, the company met for the first time to determine the course to be taken to realize its objectives. A number of tech firms including mobile providers such as AT&T and T-Mobile, consumer electronics companies such as Microsoft, Apple and Samsung as well as Bell Labs, Telnyx, and VMware, are part of the company. Overall, the partnership contains a total of approximately 27 founding member firms, though more are still expected to join.

A press release has been issued by the Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS), the parent organization of the Next G Alliance announcing the establishment of the industry association and the new founding members that have joined. “Our Founding Members represent leading industry leaders driving mobile ecosystem growth,” said Susan Miller, President and CEO of ATIS. “As part of the Next G Alliance, they show their dedication to setting the path for North American advancement,” he added.

It might seem a little odd to concentrate so much on 6G when 5G has barely made its way to the market, particularly given that both Apple and Google have just launched their first 5G communication phones. However, Huawei, the leading Chinese tech firm, already set out its 6G plans back in 2019 and last month, the Chinese government launched a 6G test satellite into orbit. In a white paper published back in July, Samsung also disclosed its own take on 6G.

The growing friction between the US and China over 5G is another big explanation for the group taking shape. The dominance of 5G technology by China and the subsequent reaction from the US has led to an increasing divide between the two technological superpowers that may lead to incompatibility between both sides of 6G standards. ATIS wants to prevent it from happening again with Miller saying, “In view of the geopolitical landscape, old leadership styles are not going to play in this new future. If the US is really going to claim its leadership, it will have to behave in a new way.”

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