Apple Apologizes for iPad Pro Ad Amid Huge Backlash


Apple recently issued an apology following a wave of criticism sparked by a controversial advertisement promoting its iPad Pro. Tor Myhren, Apple’s Vice President of marketing, publicly acknowledged the misstep and expressed remorse for the unintended message conveyed by the ad.

Entitled “Crush!”, the advertisement depicted an industrial press mercilessly crushing various objects, including musical instruments, into an iPad Pro. This portrayal drew sharp rebuke from figures within the Hollywood community, who condemned the ad as a denigration of human experiences and raised questions about Apple’s underlying motives.


The company’s decision to apologize reflects its commitment to addressing concerns raised by consumers and stakeholders alike. Myhren emphasized that Apple “missed the mark” with the ad and reiterated the company’s dedication to creating meaningful and impactful advertising campaigns in the future.

Critics within the entertainment industry expressed dismay over what they perceived as the advertisement’s disregard for the cultural significance of music and artistic expression. Some questioned whether Apple’s marketing strategy aligned with its corporate values and ethos.

The timing of the apology coincides with the launch of Apple’s latest product, the iPad Pro 2024, which has been hailed as the thinnest device ever produced by the tech giant. As Apple seeks to maintain its position as a leader in the consumer electronics market, the company faces heightened scrutiny over its advertising practices and the messages conveyed through its promotional materials.