Sunday, May 19, 2024

Pakistan to Launch Another Satellite Into Space After licube’s Success

Pakistan is eagerly preparing for its next satellite launch scheduled for May 30, following the remarkable success achieved with iCUBE. This upcoming satellite, named MM1, represents a collaborative effort between SUPARCO and the National Space Agency. Its primary objective is to revolutionize 5G internet services across the country, aiming to provide faster and more reliable connectivity to the population.

Meanwhile, iCUBE, Pakistan’s inaugural lunar satellite, continues to orbit the moon successfully. Despite facing harsh environmental conditions, including extreme temperatures, iCUBE remains operational and is actively collecting valuable data.

Among its key tasks is the analysis of lunar crater locations, as well as the detection of water and traces of ice on the moon’s surface. Additionally, iCUBE is transmitting high-resolution images back to Earth at a steady rate of 1-kbps, contributing significantly to our understanding of lunar geography and composition.

The successful deployment and operation of iCUBE have underscored Pakistan’s growing capabilities in space exploration and satellite technology. With MM1 poised for launch, Pakistan is poised to further advance its presence in space and leverage satellite technology for the benefit of its citizens and the global community.

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