Tuesday, March 5, 2024

Apple iPhone upcoming Display features will have Touch ID and Antennas

Apple is known for its innovation, and it is looking to improve the WiFi as well as the cellular connectivity in upcoming future iPhones by embedding the antennas and Touch ID within the display. The upcoming feature in-display would boost the reception and make the iPhones even slimmer in the future.

The report that comes from AppleInsider claims that Apple is also working on improving the signal reception while also providing a secure authentication system at the same time. And this would result in smaller bezels as well as the notches and more screen estate for future iPhones.

Several reports in the past reported that the Cupertino tech giant is also working on an in-display fingerprint sensor that is similar to Android phones. Various patents have surfaced in the past years that hinted about acoustic imaging, the infrared, and more. A renowned analyst named Ming-Chi Kuo had also talked about these upcoming advance features some time ago.

Moreover, since the WiFi and the cellular signals require the antennas to be exposed, having one that takes an entire side of the phone over a single band will be better for wireless connectivity. This was recently described in an uncovered Apple patent that is called “Display Integratable Hybrid Transparent Antenna.” We are expecting more information about this topic to surface in the upcoming months.

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