Friday, May 24, 2024

Apple is Working on a New Powerful Battery for iPhones for Better Performance

Apple is reportedly working on a new kind of battery that could make their devices last longer. This improved battery is expected to be included in Apple products that will be released in 2025 or later.

Insiders say that Apple is trying out a different material for part of the battery, called the cathode. They plan to use more silicon instead of graphite, which could make the battery hold more power and charge faster. The challenge is that silicon tends to expand when the battery is charging, which has been a problem for other companies. However, Apple seems to have figured out a solution.

Even though we don’t know exactly how much better these new batteries will be, even a small improvement could make a big difference for users. While Apple hasn’t said which specific products will get this new technology, it’s expected to be used in a variety of devices like iPhones, Watches, and Macs. This change is thought to be getting ready for the power needs of upcoming Mixed Reality (MR) products.

Rumors about Apple working on a new kind of battery have been going around since 2018. The speculation grew stronger when Apple hired Soonho Ahn, a former Samsung SDI employee, to lead the battery development team in the following year.

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