Friday, December 1, 2023

Metric’s AI “Max” to Revolutionize Decision-Making for Small Businesses

Metric, a financial intelligence solution for small and medium businesses in emerging markets, has announced the launch of their groundbreaking AI, “Max,” designed to empower small businesses through powerful insights. According to Metric’s Chief Product Officer, Omar Parvez Khan, Max is built on top of USD 3.3B worth of proprietary data and equips founders with actionable insights to make better, data-driven business decisions. “Our mission is to elevate the global contribution made by small businesses to economies and societies” he added.

Max is a powerful AI-driven micro advisory companion for business owners. It has the capabilities to analyze business financial data and help founders drive data-backed decisions. Max can answer complex questions instantly that a normal human would need days to compute. Founders can ask Max about their business health, month-on-month profits, most frequent expenses, etc. Specific industry insights and benchmarks can also be generated through Max. Business owners can ask Max for a list of expenses they should keep an eye on or the products that are generating the most revenue. 

Other than this, Max will help founders strategize to achieve growth targets or cut down expenses. See it in action:

Earlier in October, Metric announced that they had set up camp in the UAE, rolling out their financial intelligence solution for the UAE market, and in November, they announced the launch of their Web App increasing access to the Metric universe. Now, with the announcement of AI, Metric is truly making waves in the regional fintech startup scene. Meenah Tariq, the CEO of Metric said that this new offering will increase access to knowledge and information that will allow small enterprise owners to transform their businesses, achieve higher sales and fastrack business growth across the region. 

The introduction of Metric AI means access to a wealth of data and opportunities for small businesses. The announcement comes right before the Global Entrepreneurship Week 2023 that is celebrated from 13 – 19 Nov.  “Metric’s cause is that of entrepreneurship and our mission is to support business owners in transforming lives, societies, economies, and countries. Entrepreneurship can be a lonely journey. With in-app micro-advisory, Metric is revolutionizing how small businesses operate, and empowers them to reach new heights”, said Meenah.

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