Wednesday, June 19, 2024

Argentinian Footballer Breaking His Leg in Football Match

During the Copa Libertadores football match being played in Buenos Aires, Argentine player Luciano Sanchez’s leg was broken due to a collision with Brazilian footballer Marcelo, the video of which is also viral on social media.

2 days ago, in the match played between Brazil and Argentina, the Brazilian footballer was running with the ball, during which the Argentinian player Luciano Sanchez tried to snatch the ball from him, but in the meantime, Marcelo unknowingly climbed on the rival player Luciano’s leg. He broke his leg.

The video of the incident went viral on social media, in which Marcelo Colossiano was seen climbing on Sanchez’s leg and later taking the injured player to the hospital in pain.

After the incident, Marcelo was seen crying on the ground while players from both teams consoled each other. In this regard, a social media post of Marcelo has also come out in which he wrote that today I had a difficult experience, I unintentionally injured my teammate.

Marcelo also prayed for the recovery of Luciano Sanchez in his post. On the other hand, the fans of the match are calling this incident an unfortunate incident in the history of the football match and are praying for the recovery of the Argentinian player.

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