Wednesday, February 21, 2024

Army Most Trusted Institution: Survey

The recent Ipsos survey conducted nationwide provides valuable insights into the trust levels and perceptions of various institutions in Pakistan, particularly among the youth aged 18-34. The most noteworthy finding is the exceptionally high level of trust bestowed upon the Pakistan Army, with a staggering 74 percent approval rating. This underscores the military’s enduring influence and perceived reliability among the populace.

The Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) being identified as the least trusted among the eight institutions signals challenges and concerns regarding the electoral process. This lack of trust may be attributed to perceived issues such as transparency, efficiency, or fairness, which are crucial elements in maintaining faith in democratic processes.

The Supreme Court of Pakistan secures the second-highest trust rating at 58 percent, emphasizing the public’s confidence in the judiciary. The media, holding the third position, reflects its role as a significant source of information and influence in shaping public opinion. Political parties garner a 50 percent approval rating, indicating a more divisive sentiment towards these entities.

The optimism surrounding elections, with 75 percent believing they will steer the country in the right direction, and the expectation of fairness from 66 percent of respondents highlight the public’s faith in the democratic system. The staggering 88 percent who believe in the importance of their vote underscore the significance attached to civic participation.

However, the survey reveals a concerning trend of low political engagement among Pakistani youth. Only 54 percent stay informed about politics, and a mere 29 percent express support for politicians and political parties by participating in rallies and processions. This points to a potential gap in civic education and youth mobilization efforts.

The survey highlights strong trust in the military and the judiciary, it also signals challenges related to electoral trust, political engagement, and the need for fostering a more informed and active youth population in the political landscape of Pakistan.

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