Wednesday, April 24, 2024

Arslan Ash: Pakistani Tekken Champion Won Another International Tekken 7 Tournament at World UFL

Arslan Ash, Pakistani Tekken champion has done it once again. At the WePlay Ultimate Fighting League, he claimed another international Tekken 7 tournament.

Awais Honey, Ash’s training partner and mate, made it to the grand finals with him, and is another emerging star from Pakistan in Tekken 7 tournaments. He beat Awais in the finals by a score of 5:2 and reclaimed his title as an international champion.

Awais had to go through the losers’ finals because Ash had advanced through the upper bracket. The winner, Ash, received $15,000, while the runner-up, Awais, received $10,000 and the bronze medalist, JDCR, received $8,000.

The Grand Finals showdown between the two Pakistani players can be seen below. Arslan summoned his Zafina and Awais, one of the strongest Akuma players, was assigned to Negan.

In the early rounds, Awais had a strong start but Arslan kept making comeback after comeback. Awais was forced to return to his key Akuma as a result, but he was defeated 5:2 in the end.

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