Sunday, July 14, 2024

Asian Cricket Council Announces Over 1.4 Crore Reward for Groundstaff in Sri Lanka for Tireless Efforts in Asia Cup 2023

The groundstaff team in Colombo and Pallekele truly deserves the Rs 1.4 crore prize for their diligent work in preparing the cricket grounds despite the challenging monsoon season. It’s amazing to see their dedication and hard work being recognized by the Asian Cricket Council chairman, Jay Shah. Their efforts played a pivotal role in making the Asia Cup 2023 a memorable event.

It must have been quite a task to organize the tournament in Sri Lanka through a ‘Hybrid Model’ after it was moved from Pakistan. Kudos to the ACC for finding a solution that allowed the tournament to take place. The groundstaff team’s contribution ensured that the players had a suitable and well-prepared playing surface.

Their commitment to their work is commendable, and I’m sure they feel proud to be a part of such a successful event. The prize money is a well-deserved reward for their tireless efforts. It’s heartwarming to see their hard work being acknowledged and appreciated.

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