Monday, October 2, 2023

‘Asia’s Greatest Middle- Order Batter’: Sehwag on Inzamam

Sehwag, 44, praised Inzamam-ul-Haq, the previous captain of the Men in Green, and claimed that no middle-order hitter from Asia was greater than him. Sehwag set a record by being the first Indian player to score a triple century in Test cricket.

He praised his partner, calling him a great batsman. He noted that despite being under pressure, Inzamam remained calm and collected while batting.

Inzamam, who made his debut for Pakistan in 1991, was a crucial member of the team that won the ODI World Cup in 1992. He participated in 378 ODIs and 120 Tests for his nation, scoring 11,739 and 8830 runs in those contests, respectively.

In an interview posted on a YouTube site, Sehwag claimed that while everyone praised Sachin Tendulkar for his magnificence, Inzamam was on another level.

“Inzi Bhai was so sweet. Everyone talks about Tendulkar but I believe that Inzamam was the biggest middle-order batter in Asia,” he mentioned.

“Tendulkar was out of batters’ league, he was above it. But, Inzamam was best in middle-order. I am talking about 2003-04 when an average of around eight was just an imagination. Teams used to panic in such situations but Inzamam at that time used to stay calm while scoring runs at an average of around eight,” he said.

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