Sunday, October 1, 2023

Assistant Commissioner Hazem Bangwar’s Revelation About His Love

The Assistant Commissioner of the North Nazimabad area of ​​Karachi, Hazim Bangwar has revealed the love made in the past and said that I have no intention of getting married at present, I am still too young to get married. Assistant Commissioner Hazim Bangwar, famous for his unique fashion and attire, recently participated in a private TV morning show.

On this occasion, he spoke openly about his personal and professional childhood. In response to a question asked about his personal life during the show, Hazim Bangwar said that I have fallen in love with someone in the past and it was a solid and deep love.

Hazim Bangwar answered the question about marriage and said that currently there is no pressure from my family and I am still young to get married, I have no intention to get married immediately, I will get married when I am of marriageable age. Hazim Bangwar said that my mother is from Iraq, she spent her childhood in Morocco and other Arab countries, including Iraq.

In response to a question during the program, Hazim Bangwar said that before becoming a government officer, he lived abroad, where he started a modeling and fashion career along with studying and also did photoshoots for several magazines. Hazim Bangwar also says that I have been offered to act.

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