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Audi R8 Price in Pakistan 2023 – Specs, Features, Pictures and Other Details

The Audi R8 is a sport utility vehicle with a mid-engine and two seats. Based on the Lamborghini car stage, it is fueled by super aluminium material. Audi R8 is the quickest and most successful production by Audi engineers, outstanding performance. The Audi R8 is a dependable car that provides a comfortable ride. In this article, the Audi R8 price in Pakistan in 2023 will be discussed too.

Audi R8

In 2007, Audi released the first-generation R8. The R8 is a two-seater, all-wheel-drive supercar with a mid-engine. In its first iteration, the Audi R8 was built on the same platform as the Lamborghini Gallardo. Many people see the Audi R8 as “today’s best handling road car” and one of the few truly usable supercars.

In 2012, the 1st Generation R8 received a facelift, which included a few visual changes and the addition of a dual 7-speed dual-clutch transmission. R8, R8 V10, and R8 V10 Plus are the three versions of the Audi R8. The first-generation Audi R8 lasted nearly nine years in production. In 2007 and 2008, the first-generation Audi R8 was for sale.

When compared to certain other supercars in the same performance class, the price of the 1st Generation Audi R8 2017 was relatively reasonable.

In Pakistan, the Audi R8 2021 will cost 40 million rupees. Full-LED headlamps, air intakes, wide grilles, circular exhaust outlets, redesigned taillights, trapezium-shaped taillights, and a dynamic wheel are among the elegant outward elements of the Audi R8 2021 model.

It has anti-lock brakes, a backup camera, parking sensors, seat belt warning, an anti-theft alarm, central locking, child safety locks, and airbags, among other safety and security features.

Audi R8 Interior

The inside of the first-generation Audi R8 is designed in the Audi design language. Premium leather is black, nougat brown, beige, titanium grey, and red.

Automatic 2-zone temperature control, hot power side mirrors, cruise control, satellite tracking, 7-speaker stereo, rain detecting windscreen wipers, full auto headlights, power steering, traction control, atmospheric LED interior illumination, 12-way electricity sports seats with four-way power lumbar support, heated front seats, and a tire-pressure monitoring system are all included as standard options.

Audi R8 Interior

Auto-dimming door mirrors, a reversing camera, carbon sigma or piano black ornamental inlays, semi-fine or full fine Nappa leather packages, diamond stitch complete leather package, contrast stitching, illuminated aluminum door sills, and a bang With a Bang & Olufsen sound system. The general interior of the 1st Generation Audi R8 offers a lot of internal room for a supercar in its class and a high level of comfort and refinement.

Audi R8 Exterior

The outward design of the 1st Generation Audi R8 is quite different, but it is still easily recognizable as an Audi. Slim thin side-parted headlights with integrated running lights, dual intake vents below the headlights, and a massive trapezium-shaped grille characterize the front fascia. Large side intakes and the R8 characteristic side blades can be found on the flanks.

Audi R8 Exterior

Trapezium-shaped taillights with a tube design, big dual grilles behind the headlights, and large dual circular sports muffler tips make up the rear end. The R8 Plus has a larger rear diffuser and a little fixed lip spoiler on the rear deck. New headlights with a tubular shape, new tyre styles, and circular exhaust were among the visual modifications offered in the facelift edition.

Audi R8 Features

Features of this brilliant car will be discussed below in this article. It is one of the leading and highly demanding cars; its features are as follows:

  • Taillights are introduced.
  • LED headlamps are added.
  • Large grilles are added.
  • An anti-lock braking system is added.
  • A rearview camera is also available.
  • Central locking is available.
  • Child safety lock available.
  • Airbags are present too.
  • Parking sensors are available.
  • An anti-theft lock is available.

Other features are Auto AC, Leather upholstery, power windows, 18-way power-adjustable sport seats, multi-function steering wheel, speakers, 550-watt sound system, cruise control, cup holders, Bluetooth, rain-sensing wipers also available.

Audi R8 Specifications

Specifications of this Audi car are also diverse and of great range. This Audi R8 has a lot of specifications and features that are of good quality and very satisfying for the customers. Some specifications are shown below:

Maximum Power8250rpm
Engine5.2-liter petrol engine
Number of cylinders10
Acceleration 3.2 seconds
Engine displacement5204 cc
Drive typeAWD
Valves per cylinder4
Seating capacityTwo
Number of doorsTwo
Gross weight 1895kg
Turning radius5.9 meters

Benefits of Audi R8

Excellent quality of ride. Excellent driving and handling. Supercar with a Low Price Tag. A wide selection of standard equipment is available. Exceptionally Reliable. For an s, the fuel efficiency is relatively decent.

Benefits of Audi R8

Audi R8 Price in Pakistan

Audi R8 car is an expensive car with a great range of features, and it is a luxury car. The price of the Audi R8 in Pakistan in 2023 is PKR. 40 Million. But this price is not confirmed and has a slight variation in prices.


Audi R8 car is an expensive luxury car used by its customers who loves expensive cars with great and best quality features. Its price in Pakistan in 2023 is discussed in this article too.

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