Tuesday, July 23, 2024

Audience is Curious about New Linkedin Campaign With Hashtag #TabiyatKhush

Yesterday, a number of Linkedin users shared pictures of funny one liners with a blue background, which left many wondering what it is about.

According to a number of social media users, the posts are a new campaign for tabiyat.pk, given the logo and the blue color. With its known collaborations and initiatives, tabiyat.pk often appears in the news for bringing quality healthcare to a wider audience. This time, the company took a unique dig to pique people’s curiosity.

The employees of tabiyat.pk took over LinkedIn with interesting blue posters that say one-liner puns, political references, and humorous content. For now, it is unhidden what this message is about. Regardless, people are enjoying and engaging with the posters, taking their guesses and talking about it. It is not only confined to Urdu but also Punjabi.

tabiyat.pk is a leading health-tech startup and the B2C vertical of MEDZnMORE which started its operations in September 2020 & has delivered to hundreds of thousands of customers across Pakistan. They have invested heavily in building a replicable infrastructure with purpose-built warehouses, technology stack focused on just-in-time medicine inventory and an AI powered logistics solution.

After this Linkedin takeover, netizens are looking forward to knowing what the hype is about, and what it will entail for the audience. 

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