Thursday, July 18, 2024

Pakistani Passport ranks fourth lowest in world

In terms of passport strength, Pakistan is placed 94th, tied with Somalia, while the UAE tops the list of countries with the strongest passports.

A Pakistani passport only allows visa-free travel to 44 nations, according to the Arton Capital list.

Other Rankings

Below Pakistan, Iraq (ranked 95th), Syria (ranked 96th), and Afghanistan (ranked 97th). In comparison, the passports of Yemen (93rd), Bangladesh (92nd), North Korea, Libya, Palestine (91st), and Iran (90th) have declared more powerful than that of Pakistan.

Most Powerful Passport

However, the passport of the UAE has been declared the most powerful in the world. The UAE nationals can travel to 180 countries without a visa.

Citizens of other countries, including the Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, and others, do not require visa to visit 173 countries.

Economic Benefits

It is worth noting that the passports of every country in the world became more powerful this year as they attempted to gain economic benefits by making travel more convenient.

Unlike the Henley Passport Index, which has Japan at the top of its 2022 rankings, Arton Capital’s Passport Index updates its rankings in real time as new visa waivers and changes implemented. The current effects that COVID-19 travel bans and the war in Ukraine have on global mobility right now.

After slipping down the rankings in recent years, the UAE has made an impressive comeback in 2022. One factor is the easing of COVID-19 border controls. Also, the UAE benefited by funding lower-income countries’ pavilions at Expo 2020 Dubai in exchange for visa-free accords. These rankings already show a significant rebound in mobility around the world.

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