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Babar Azam Expresses Regret Over Giving Iftikhar Ahmed the Nickname “Chacha”

Fans began referring to him as “Chachu” because Pakistan’s captain, Babar, did so. In the stadium, people started calling him by the moniker, which in Urdu means “uncle.” The moniker “Chachu” became more widely used as Ahmed’s notoriety increased. It began to be heard more frequently both inside the stadium and on social media.

He started to accept the moniker after realizing that it allowed his admirers to relate to him on a more intimate level. If I’m being really honest with you, the [Chachu] chanting at first upset me. But now I relish it. Shahid Afridi used to bat first and get a lot of support from the crowd.

They now support me in a similar manner, which makes me pleased. It’s not a terrible thing because the audience is showing its support for me. I want the fans to stop bothering me since I truly enjoy them. During the fifth ODI’s post-match press conference, Pakistani captain Babar Azam expressed his embarrassment over the fact that his teammate Iftikhar is now known as “Chahcha” as a result of him.

Even yet, he is pleased that others find it enjoyable. In addition, Babar lauded Iftikhar’s skills and said that during the previous several months, he had been playing outstanding cricket.

“Occasionally, I feel ashamed of myself. Although Iftikhar is now well known as “Chacha,” I’m glad that people like it. He had some outstanding T20 cricket performances, and today he took the game far by himself without any assistance from the other end.

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