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Babar’s English is Infinitely Better than My Urdu: AB de Villiers Silenced an Indian from Trolling Babar’s English

Renowned South African cricketer AB de Villiers recently had a conversation with Babar Azam, the captain of Pakistan’s cricket team. They discussed Babar’s impressive career, his journey in cricket, and the upcoming T20 World Cup.

During their conversation, a social media user criticized Babar Azam for his English-speaking skills, which is a common issue faced by many Pakistani cricketers online. The user’s comment seemed to focus on mocking Babar for not being fluent in English.

However, AB de Villiers responded to the criticism in a supportive and respectful manner. He stated, “Babar’s English is infinitely better than my Urdu,” highlighting that while Babar’s English might not be perfect, it is still much better than de Villiers’ ability to speak Urdu. This remark effectively silenced the troll and turned the focus back to Babar’s cricketing talent rather than his language skills.

AB de Villiers’ response was widely appreciated by fans, as it emphasized the importance of respecting players for their skills and contributions to the sport rather than judging them based on their fluency in a particular language. His comment also underscored the notion that language should not be a barrier in recognizing and appreciating talent.

This interaction between AB de Villiers and Babar Azam serves as a reminder that cricket, as a global sport, brings together players from diverse backgrounds and languages. The primary focus should always be on their performance on the field and their contributions to the game.

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