Tuesday, June 25, 2024

Saudi Arabia to Launch World’s First Luxury Arabian Cruise Line ‘AROYA Cruises’

Saudi Arabia is expanding its tourism efforts with the launch of the world’s first Arabian cruise line, AROYA Cruises. This new venture follows the country’s ambitious Neom project, which aims to create a futuristic city.

AROYA Cruises is designed to showcase Saudi Arabia’s rich cultural heritage and stunning natural beauty. The cruise line’s flagship vessel is a massive 335-meter floating resort, featuring 1,678 cabins and 20 entertainment venues. This floating resort will offer travelers luxurious VIP experiences, including spacious suites and exceptional dining options.

The inaugural voyage of AROYA Cruises is set for December 2024. During this maiden journey, the cruise will navigate the scenic Red Sea, stopping at exclusive private islands and visiting popular destinations in Egypt and Jordan.

Travelers on AROYA Cruises can expect a unique and authentic Arabian experience both at sea and on land. The cruise line promises to combine the charm of the Arabian culture with modern luxury, offering guests an unforgettable journey.

Bookings for AROYA Cruises are already open, allowing eager travelers to secure their spots for this groundbreaking travel experience. The cruise line aims to provide an immersive adventure that celebrates the traditions and landscapes of the Arabian region.

With AROYA Cruises, Saudi Arabia is not only enhancing its tourism sector but also inviting the world to explore its hidden gems and embrace its rich cultural legacy. The launch of this cruise line marks a significant milestone in Saudi Arabia’s efforts to become a top destination for global travelers.

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