Friday, April 19, 2024

Balochistan to Launch Projects for Developing Tourism Centers

The Balochistan Coastal Development Authority (BCDA) has agreed to start public-private partnership projects to establish tourism centers.

The progress of the BCDA’s development projects aimed at promoting tourism in the province was checked at a meeting on Saturday presided over by Chief Minister Jam Kamal Khan Alyani.

BCDA Director General Babar Khan Kakar told the meeting that a master plan for the coastline was being developed, and feasibility studies for five fishing sites had been included in tourism promotion projects. He added that seven eco-tourism resorts had been planned, as well as the development of nine rest areas along the coastal highway and other projects.

Mr Khan added that the development plans included the construction of eight floating jetties, five beach parks, and two salicornia nurseries. He announced that tourist resorts will be built in Gadani, Miani Hour, Kund Malir, Ormara, Pasni, Gwadar Marine Drive, and Jewani Sunset Point.

The chief minister requested that the relevant authorities review the existing structure of BCDA’s governing body and propose changes to the law. The meeting was also attended by the secretaries of economy, local government, public health engineering, and the environment departments.

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