Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Beautiful scene of rain and swirling clouds in Karachi was recorded video goes viral

In the second spell of monsoon in Karachi, there has been heavy rain in the suburbs.

It rained in several areas including North Karachi, and the Federal B area of Karachi due to which water accumulated on the highways.

Due to the accumulation of water on the highways, traffic flow was affected in North Karachi and surrounding areas.

According to the Meteorological Department, North Karachi recorded the highest rainfall of 41.6 mm while Gulshan Mimar received 16.2 mm, Gulshan Hadid and Orangi Town received 2 mm of rain.

According to Meteorological Analyst Jawad Memon, a beautiful sight of clouds was recorded near North Karachi and the swirling clouds were seen in the form of a hook formation.

He said that when two clouds coming from different directions meet, a hook formation is formed. 

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