Wednesday, October 4, 2023

Becoming a German Citizen Will Be Easier with New Citizenship Rules

The government of Germany has introduced new legislations aimed at simplifying the acquirement of German citizenship.

According to international sources, the German parliament has put forth a proposed citizenship law that seeks to reduce the minimum residency requirement for obtaining German citizenship from 8 years to 5 years. The new law also extends eligibility for German citizenship to immigrants with dual citizenship.

Interior Minister Nancy Pfizer presented the draft law in the German Parliament. According to the proposed legislation, individuals demonstrating enhanced integration and proficiency in the German language may be eligible for citizenship after three years.

However, the law stipulates that individuals with convictions for crimes against national integrity or racism will be ineligible. The Interior Minister stated that the aim of these modifications is to attract top talents from around the world, acknowledging the fierce global competition in this context.

Moreover, this new legislation seeks to relax rules around dual citizenship, which was previously restricted to citizens of the European Union and Switzerland, with a few exceptions granted to certain countries.

Germany’s need for skilled immigrants has driven efforts to refine citizenship and visa regulations, with the goal of making the country an attractive destination for skilled professionals.

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