Thursday, May 30, 2024

Beware! Google to Delete Millions of Gmail Accounts in December

Google has issued a warning to users, notifying them that inactive Gmail accounts may face deletion in December. This aligns with Google’s earlier announcement in May 2023, where it stated its intention to delete accounts that had been inactive for two years.

This recent communication from Google serves as a proactive alert to users, emphasizing that the policy extends beyond Gmail to encompass inactive Google accounts associated with various services such as Docs, Drive, Meet, Calendar, YouTube, and Photos. The stipulated deadline for users to take action and prevent potential deletion is December 1, 2023.

To ensure users are well-informed and prompted to react, Google plans to send multiple reminders, including recovery emails, to those with inactive Gmail accounts until November 30. If users fail to take any action, either logging in or engaging with their accounts, the accounts or their content may be subject to deletion.

Google’s motivation behind this policy is rooted in security concerns associated with inactive accounts. In a blog post earlier in May, the company emphasized that inactive accounts pose a significant security risk. The security of such accounts diminishes over time, making them vulnerable to hacking, which, in turn, could lead to their misuse for illegal purposes or the spread of spam.

It’s crucial for users to understand that this policy is not a one-time event. Going forward, if a user allows their account to remain inactive for a period of two years, Google reserves the right to delete it.

To prevent deletion and safeguard their accounts, users are advised to log in at least once every two years. Importantly, this login activity doesn’t necessarily have to occur in Gmail specifically; using the account in any Google service, such as YouTube or Google Drive, will suffice.

It’s worth noting that this policy primarily impacts personal Google accounts and does not extend to accounts associated with organizations. Google is actively encouraging users to take the necessary steps to maintain the security and viability of their Google accounts.

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