Friday, May 24, 2024

Here’s How Pakistan Can Still Qualify For World Cup Semi-Final

Pakistan is in a tough spot in the 2023 World Cup, close to missing the semi-finals. They’ve won four games but lost four, needing a big win against England to stay in the competition.

Despite beating the Netherlands, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, and New Zealand, losses to India, Australia, South Africa, and Afghanistan have created a challenging situation.

To make it to the semi-finals, Pakistan must win against England with a substantial margin. If they bat first, they need to outscore England by 287 runs.

If they bowl first, they have to limit England to 50 runs and chase it within two overs or restrict England to 100 runs in three overs. The upcoming match against England will decide whether Pakistan can keep their hopes alive for a spot in the World Cup semi-finals.

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