Thursday, September 21, 2023

Big News Regarding Recovery of Journalist Imran Riaz

Lahore High Court asked for a report about the recovery of journalist Imran Riaz, the lawyer said that Imran Riaz is likely to be recovered in a day or two.

According to the details, Lahore High Court heard the request for the recovery of journalist Imran Riaz, Chief Justice of Lahore High Court Muhammad Amir Bhatti heard the request of Muhammad Riaz.

IG Punjab said that he had met with the working group, informed Imran Riaz’s father and lawyers about the investigation, to which the petitioner’s lawyer said that there has been positive progress in the investigation of the working group, Imran Riaz Khan. A speedy recovery has been assured, Imran Riaz Khan is expected to recover in a day or two.

The Chief Justice remarked that he was satisfied with the ongoing progress in the case, the court called for the report on the recovery of Imran Riaz on September 20 and directed that the IG Punjab submit a report on the recovery of the hostage at the next hearing.

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