Sunday, October 1, 2023

NGES, Red Bull, and FreeFire: Elevating Pakistan’s Esports Globally

In a groundbreaking collaboration that has added another feather in the cap of pakistani esports landscape, Next Generation Esports (NGES) has orchestrated a historic partnership uniting FreeFire and Red Bull for the first time, under the banner of Red Bull M.E.O.,  setting the stage for Team Hotshot to represent Pakistan at the FreeFire World Series (FFWS) in Thailand this November. NGES’ visionary role in forging this partnership has underscored their commitment to advancing esports in Pakistan and beyond.

Garena’s FreeFire World Series in Thailand is the pinnacle of competitive gaming, featuring some of the finest teams around the globe to showcase their skills. Team Hotshot’s presence at this year’s tournament in Thailand marks an important step for Pakistan’s esports realm, showing its evolution from passive spectator to competitive competitor at top levels of play.  

“We are delighted to host this event with our partners, to recognize the awesome gaming talent of Pakistan and help pave the way for future gamers. These events enable the local gaming ecosystem and are aimed at fostering a thriving gaming culture where Pakistani talent is showcased on the world stage,” said Falak Gondal, PR and Partnership Manager at Garena.

Red Bull’s commitment to gaming and esports showcases its recognition of Pakistan’s global gaming potential. The Red Bull M.E.O. tournaments, past and present, have consistently infused energy, excitement, and enthusiasm, resonating with both fans and newcomers.

Marketing Director of Red Bull Pakistan, Bilal Jawed Udhi was highly appreciative of this partnership, “We’re pleased to collaborate with NGES and Garena for the 6th edition of Red Bull M.E.O. and look forward to enabling many such opportunities for the gaming community in Pakistan. At Red Bull Pakistan, our mission is to give wings to gamers and their ideas as gaming is an essential passion point part of our consumers’ everyday lives and will gain even further relevance as we passed the number of 35 million gamers in Pakistan.”

He emphasized that Red Bull M.E.O. aims to provide mobile gamers a global platform for competition, adding that Team Hotshot is well-prepared to represent Pakistan internationally.

NGES stands as the cornerstone of the Pakistani esports realm, shaping its future and propelling it onto the global stage. Through innovative strategies and an unfaltering dedication to developing its ecosystem, their innovative strategies and tireless commitment have been pivotal in pushing it onto an international platform. 

“Our partnership with Red Bull and FreeFire represents a turning point for Pakistani esports. It’s a testament to the incredible talent in our country, and it shows that we’re ready to compete on the world stage. NGES is committed to taking Pakistan’s esports to new heights, and this collaboration is just the beginning of what’s possible. We’re excited to see Team Hotshot represent us at the FreeFire World Series and make our nation proud.” – Muhammad Faiq, Head of Strategy and Partnerships at NGES.

This collaboration between Red Bull M.E.O. and FreeFire, powered by NGES, exceeded all expectations while taking the Pakistani esports industry to unprecedented levels. 

In conclusion, NGES’s remarkable partnership with Red Bull & FreeFire to elevate esports in Pakistan and secure Team Hotshot a spot at the FreeFire World Series is a noteworthy moment in Pakistani E-Sports’ history. It showcases Pakistani talent while cementing our presence within global esports culture. Congratulations to Team Hotshot, and a heartfelt salute to NGES for their significant contributions to the world of esports—Pakistan is ready to cheer you on!

About NGES:

Next Generation Esports (NGES) is an esports management and broadcasting company, recognized for its innovative approach and commitment to redefining the realm of Esports entertainment. With a passionate team of experts and a deep-rooted love for esports, NGES is dedicated to elevating the esports experience for players, fans, and partners alike.

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