Friday, May 24, 2024

Bilal Maqsood Releases Eight Animated, Original Nursery Rhymes in Urdu

Bilal Maqsood, the founder of Strings, is putting his musical talents to a great cause by writing, composing, and singing eight Urdu nursery rhymes, and simultaneously focusing on a much younger, cuter audience.

Peek Freans Gluco collaborated on the animated rhymes, which are available on YouTube. In addition, Maqsood stated that his primary aim was to deliver quality Urdu content to Pakistani children.

“Hi guys!” There are eight original Urdu nursery rhymes in this collection. “I wrote, composed, and sang in collaboration with Peek Freans Gluco and they are now available on YouTube,” the singer wrote on his Instagram handle. He further stated that they will also be available on all audio streaming platforms in the near future.

Further, Maqsood’s post included a video that consisted of clips from the animated rhymes along with his voice. His rhymes are sandwiched between snippets of him speaking to the audience about his new project.

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