Tuesday, May 28, 2024

National Hockey Players Requested PM Imran Khan to Release their Salaries & Save National Game of Pakistan

Imran Butt, who is a former hockey goalkeeper, recently requested Prime Minister Imran Khan to save the national game and its players.

Butt appealed Prime Minister Khan to reconsider the government’s plan to close sports departments in a tweet.

“Mr. Prime Minister Imran Khan, reconsider your departmental policies; else, our national sports will finish in our country. Players have no job, no incentive, and no pay. We were world champions four times and Olympic champions three times. Hockey represents the world’s recognition of our country,” he wrote.

PM Khan ordered the closure of departmental cricket in 2019, followed by the closure of other sports departments due to financial losses. Later, a sports policy focused on just regions was implemented across the country, resulting unemployment among athletes.

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