Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Billionaire Boss Sends 1,200 Employees on A 3-Day Paid Trip to Tokyo Disneyland

Billionaire CEO Ken Griffin from Citadel LLC and Citadel Securities recently made news by treating 1,200 of his employees and their families to a luxurious three-day trip to Tokyo Disneyland.

This event, held from October 27 to 29, included staff and their loved ones from six different offices in the Asia Pacific region, like Hong Kong, Singapore, Sydney, Shanghai, Tokyo, and Gurugram. Griffin covered all expenses, such as travel, lodging, food, Disney park tickets, entertainment, and childcare services. He also provided special passes for employees to skip long lines at popular rides.

This generous act isn’t the first of its kind by Ken Griffin. In the previous year, he hosted a similar event for his US, Canadian, and European staff and their families at Disney World, fully covering all the costs.

That celebration included exclusive access to the park, delicious meals, and performances by famous artists like Coldplay, Carly Rae Jepsen, and DJ Diplo. These grand gestures are a way for him to show appreciation for his employees’ hard work and celebrate the success of Citadel LLC and Citadel Securities, especially in a year when many other hedge funds faced challenges.

Ken Griffin’s wealth is estimated at an impressive $35.4 billion, and his companies have been rapidly expanding, with over 400 employees added in Asia alone over the past three years.

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