Saturday, May 18, 2024

Brave Female Students Defend School from Illegal Construction

Young girl students, studying at a Government Primary Girls School in Kot Addu, demonstrated remarkable initiative by uniting to safeguard their educational environment from a landlord’s attempt to convert it into a commercial area.

Upon discovering unauthorized commercial construction within their school premises, the students took prompt action. They approached the office of SDPO Circle, DSP Tahir Ejaz, to file a complaint. Despite prior warnings from the school administration, construction activities continued.

Upon receiving the collective complaint, SDPO Tahir Ejaz escalated the matter to DPO Hussnain Haider and AC Asghar Laghari for immediate action. Accompanied by revenue officials and police personnel, they visited the site to verify the claims.

Witnesses confirmed that landlord Ghulam Abbas and his sons, Muhammad Yunis and Amir, along with their friend Abdul Khaliq, were supervising the construction of commercial buildings on the school’s premises.

Following a thorough investigation by revenue department officials, it was determined that the land under development belonged to the school.

As a result, law enforcement authorities apprehended the landlord and his accomplices engaged in the illegal occupation of public property, registering cases against them.

In a decisive move, the assistant commissioner ordered the demolition of the unauthorized structures erected on the school’s land, including shops and a house. This swift action underscores the importance of community vigilance in preserving public assets and educational institutions.

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