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Brave GYM, the Catalyst of Combat Sports Development & Performance Training in the Fitness Industry of PAKISTAN

The fitness market in Pakistan has seen a significant increase with many apparel brands, new gyms and sports channels coming into existence in recent years, especially in Lahore, leading the way with the opening of Oxygym, Alphalete and New Ironbox, among others. However, Brave Gym stands out from the rest with its unique 10,000 sqft training facility in a warehouse style complex with a performance-driven mindset and training approach.

Omar, the founder of Brave Gym, has made a significant impact on the sports scene in Pakistan through his hard work and dedication in the fitness industry. Despite the challenges posed by the Corona virus outbreak and lockdowns, as well as flooding, Brave Gym has survived and emerged as a leading training facility in the country that caters to top athletes at the pinnacle of their careers. It’s the only training facility in the country that understands sports-specific performance training and has an impressive list of athletes from the Pakistan cricket team, including Babar Azam, Azhar Ali, Wahab Riaz, and Imam ul Haq, as well as top female tennis players such as Mehak Khokar and Ushna Sohail, World champion MMA fighter Uloomi, and boxing champion Usman Wazir and Taimour Khan, all of whom have had training camps at Brave Gym.

Brave Gym also places a special emphasis on female athletes and is home to Olympian swimmer Bisma Khan and Kiran Khan, Pakistan’s number 1 badminton player Manaal Tariq, and footballers Maliha Nasir and Atiqa Nasir.

Brave Gym stands out as the only performance training facility in the country with its comprehensive approach to sports-specific performance training. From strength and conditioning to rehabilitation and nutrition, the gym offers a wide range of programs tailored to meet the specific needs of athletes, as well as high-level executives and decision-makers through its executive training program for Nestle and Packages Group, which has been a huge success.

Omar’s commitment to promoting the growth of MMA in Pakistan has led him to take bold steps in this direction. He launched the biggest MMA promotion in Pakistan, live on A Sports, showcasing top international fights and bringing together the largest sponsors and TV network in the country. Following the success of this event, he established the Pakistan MMA Federation, which represents the International Mixed Martial Arts Federation in the country, the global governing body in the world.

The Pakistan MMA Federation, under Omar’s leadership as the president of the federation, has made remarkable strides despite being a self-funded organization. The federation has put together a national MMA team that has competed in world championships and Asian championships, securing medals for the country. The team’s success has led to Pakistan being ranked 9th in the world, ahead of India, which is a remarkable achievement for the self-funded federation.

In addition, Omar established the “Ary Warriors” MMA gym, which is dedicated to providing world-class training to aspiring MMA fighters in the country. The gym has already produced some of the country’s top MMA fighters and continues to be a hub for the sport’s growth in Pakistan.

Brave Gym, under the leadership of Omar Ahmed, has become a catalyst for the growth of the sports and fitness industry in Pakistan. His entrepreneurial skills and vision have enabled him to create a training facility like no other in the country, which caters to the specific needs of athletes and high-level executives. With his commitment to promoting a performance-driven mindset, Omar has made a significant impact on the sports scene in Pakistan, establishing the biggest MMA promotion, creating the first white-collar fight for kids, and launching a mental health charity to raise awareness of mental wellness among athletes and high performers. These achievements would not have been possible without Omar’s leadership and dedication, making him a true trailblazer in the fitness and MMA industry in Pakistan.

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