Wednesday, June 19, 2024

iTecknologi Group Announces Strategic Partnership with IrriWatch to Deliver Tech-Enabled Agricultural Solutions

iTecknologi Group of Companies, the leading technology-based conglomerate, has partnered with IrriWatch, an agritech company based out of the Netherlands, to uplift farming standards by leveraging tech-enabled agricultural solutions.

IrriWatch is the brainchild of Dr. Wim Bastiaanssen, who is quite renowned in the field of agriculture intelligence. Besides his various accomplishments, he is globally recognized as the developer of SEBAL, an immaculate thermal remote sensing and ground energy balancing algorithm specifically designed to monitor crop health and planned irrigation activities for varying farmlands.

This association aims to achieve the greater goals of providing complete digital farming solutions to farmers, reducing post-harvest losses, and improving farmers’ livelihoods while meaningfully contributing to Pakistan’s economy by addressing the burgeoning issues related to the agriculture sector of Pakistan.

The digitization of farm data includes offering intelligent insights on weather, soil health, crop production, disease prediction, and yield estimation using remote sensing technology. This will further strengthen the digitalization of existing farming operations and help farmers reap the most optimum benefits of their yields.

Syed Salman Hussain, CEO and Founder iTecknologi Group of Companies emphasized on the strategic importance of the partnership and said, “At iTecknologi, we are always working to come up with unique technological solutions. This collaboration with IrriWatch is a great addition to our cause of enabling farmers with digital technologies and ensuring sustainable practices in modern agriculture.”

Dr. Wim Bastiaanssen, CEO and Founder of IrriWatch, also commented about the far-reaching benefits of this partnership and said, “Introduction of latest technology-driven solutions will help the cause of agricultural prosperity in Pakistan. This country has a huge potential, and we feel this collaboration will help create benefits of towering proportions.”

With an extensive portfolio of advanced tech-based solutions in the field of IoT, Data on things, Security, and Surveillance, iTecknologi Group of Companies is actively engaged in digitizing processes and creating ecosystems in diversified fields.

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