Tuesday, October 3, 2023

Burger King Thailand Introduces a Burger that has 20 Slices of Cheese and No Meat

Burger King in Thailand has recently introduced a new and unconventional menu item called “The Real Cheeseburger.” The company made it clear through social media that this is not a joke but a genuine addition to their menu.

Unlike traditional burgers that consist of meat, vegetables, and condiments, this unique cheeseburger is made up of as many as 20 layers of melted cheese, creating a gooey and golden delight.

Thailand, known for its love of cheese, especially among young people who enjoy it in various dishes, has warmly embraced this cheesy creation. Priced at around 11 U.S. dollars, The Real Cheeseburger has captured the curiosity of those willing to travel to Thailand for an extraordinary fast-food experience.

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