Monday, October 2, 2023

Burj Khalifa Lights Up to Mark 76th Pakistan Independence Day

Following a video that spread on social media, showing the disappointment of many Pakistani people due to the absence of their country’s flag on the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, the tallest building globally, the Pakistan flag was proudly displayed on the structure to celebrate Independence Day. Usually, the Burj Khalifa lights up with the Pakistan flag at midnight, but this year, it lit up around 9 PM on August 14th.

The official Instagram page of the Burj Khalifa sent good wishes to the people of Pakistan, hoping for a day filled with pride, unity, and prosperity as they celebrated their nation’s heritage and achievements. The message also expressed hopes for ongoing success and happiness for Pakistan and its citizens. Happy Independence Day!

Previously, a video emerged from Dubai showing many Pakistanis feeling upset because the Burj Khalifa didn’t light up with the Pakistan flag on their Independence Day at midnight. People were waiting near the Burj Khalifa, hoping to see their national flag’s colors on the building.

However, to their surprise, even after a few minutes past midnight, nothing happened on the world’s tallest building. Disappointed, they started chanting ‘Pakistan Zindabad,’ which means ‘Long Live Pakistan,’ to show their support for their country. A lady recording the scene on her phone said it was 12:01 am, and Dubai officials said they wouldn’t light up the Burj Khalifa with the Pakistan flag. She felt sad and thought it was like a joke on all the Pakistanis.

The impressive visual celebration on the world’s tallest building became a strong symbol of togetherness, capturing the essence of the occasion and providing a moment of happiness for those celebrating their nation’s independence while away from home.

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