Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Business Community Demands GI Tag for Pakistani Manufactured Products

The business community stressed that Pakistan needs to apply for the geographical indication (GI) tag for other products similar to Basmati rice, as well as to protect and promote locally manufactured goods that are common in the international market.

Pakistan recently applied to the Intellectual Property Organization (IPO) for a GI tag after a controversy arose when the European Union posted on its website a request by India for a GI tag for basmati rice. In India and Pakistan, Basmati is an aromatic rice which is grown.

If one country earns the GI tag, other countries are either barred or receive reduced rates for selling the same item in the foreign market. Now that Pakistan has applied for the Basmati GI tag as well, both countries are expected to get their fair share of the export of rice.

However, there are several more Pakistani items that require immediate government attention for foreign market registration. In the foreign market, goods with the GI tag earn better prices.

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