Monday, March 4, 2024

Careem Launches Flexi Rides to Compete with Indrive

Careem’s introduction of Flexi Ride in Islamabad and Rawalpindi marks a significant shift in the ride-hailing service paradigm. This innovative approach offers customers three distinct categories – Flexi GO, Flexi GO Mini, and Flexi Bikes – presenting the autonomy to select their preferred price range at the time of booking. This feature not only empowers customers but also extends flexibility to Captains, the drivers providing the service.

The core aspect of Flexi Ride lies in the transparent display of the average fare to customers, allowing them to adjust the offered price. This adjusted fare is then broadcasted to multiple Captains operating in the vicinity. When a customer’s bid matches a Captain’s acceptable price, the ride is confirmed, fostering a mutually agreeable transaction.

Initially trialed in Faisalabad and Multan, Flexi Ride garnered positive feedback, prompting its gradual expansion to other cities like Lahore and Karachi within Careem’s operational network. Notably, the GO Premium category remains unaltered, catering to those seeking the standard service without price adjustments.

Imran Saleem, Careem Pakistan’s General Manager for Ride-Hailing, emphasizes that Flexi Ride augments the overall ride-hailing experience. It not only grants customers greater control over their ride costs but also provides Captains with more transparency and flexibility, enhancing the service quality for both parties involved. This initiative signifies Careem’s commitment to innovation and customer-centricity within the transportation industry.

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