Saturday, July 13, 2024

CDRS Benji Project in Karachi Takes Responsibility of Prosthetic Leg for Injured Camel

The camel’s owner is hesitant to take legal action but is receiving compensation for the camel, which is why she ended up at the CDRS Benji Shelter Project in Karachi. The shelter is dedicated to giving the camel the best possible care to ensure she remains pain-free.

Anny Marri, with support from the Chairman of the Pakistan People’s Party, is working with a company that specializes in prosthetic limbs to help the camel after Eid. They are also trying to contact a Dubai-based company that makes prosthetics for camels. The young female camel, named Cammie, is only 7-8 months old.

It’s important to clarify that the widely shared photo of a man holding a camel’s leg shows the camel’s owner at a press club, not the person responsible for the amputation.

The CDRS Benji Shelter Project in Karachi has taken on the responsibility of caring for Cammie. They are focused on providing her with everything she needs to recover and live without pain. The shelter’s team is dedicated to ensuring Cammie has a comfortable and healthy life.

Anny Marri’s efforts include coordinating with local and international companies that specialize in prosthetic limbs for animals. This cooperation aims to find the best solution for Cammie, giving her a chance to move around more easily. The prosthetic limb will be custom-made to fit her needs and help her adapt to her new life.

The shelter project and its partners are working tirelessly to make sure that Cammie gets the support she needs. They hope to improve her quality of life significantly with the prosthetic limb and dedicated care. This story highlights the compassion and dedication of those involved in animal welfare and their commitment to helping animals in need.

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