Monday, July 15, 2024

Imad Wasim Calls for ‘Drastic Changes’ in Team

Pakistan’s hopes for the T20 World Cup 2024 ended abruptly when they failed to qualify for the Super 8s. Disappointing losses to the USA and their long-time rivals India knocked them out of the tournament. All-rounder Imad Wasim has expressed the need for significant changes within the team to remain competitive in modern cricket. He emphasized that Pakistan must adapt to the high-scoring, power-hitting style that is now common in T20 cricket.

The USA moved on to the Super 8 stage after their match against Ireland was abandoned due to rain. This unfortunate turn of events sealed Pakistan’s elimination, despite their strong performance as runners-up in last year’s tournament under captain Babar Azam. With their upcoming match against Ireland on Sunday no longer affecting their chances in the tournament, Pakistan will be playing only for pride.

In a press conference before the match, Imad Wasim stressed the need for a major overhaul to keep up with the fast-changing dynamics of international cricket. He mentioned that while it isn’t his job to make team decisions, substantial changes are crucial for the team’s future success. Imad, who came out of retirement to participate in the T20 World Cup, admitted that his own performance, as well as that of his teammates, fell short of expectations.

Reports suggest that the team management is considering dropping several key players, including Mohammad Rizwan, Iftikhar Ahmed, Shadab Khan, and Mohammad Amir, from the T20 squad after the tournament. This move aims to rebuild the team and enhance its prospects for future competitions.

The disappointing exit from the T20 World Cup has sparked discussions about the need for a strategic revamp. Imad highlighted that Pakistan needs to adopt a more aggressive approach to match the power-hitting trend in T20 cricket. The team’s current style, which has not kept pace with these changes, has contributed to their underperformance.

As Pakistan faces Ireland in a match that now holds no importance for progression, the focus shifts to planning for the future. The management’s potential decision to drop some of the current players indicates a readiness to rebuild and bring in fresh talent. These changes are aimed at ensuring Pakistan can compete at the highest level in upcoming tournaments.

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